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The Yarn Garden: 30 Knits Using Plant-Based Fibers

The Yarn Garden: 30 Knits Using Plant-Based Fibers

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By J. Marsha Michler

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Pick a bouquet of beautiful projects from The Yarn Garden.

Discover the joys of working with plant-based yarns! From traditional favorites like cotton and linen to more exotic choices such as nettle and hemp, plant-based yarns are a joy to knit with and offer many unique benefits. If you want to knit sweaters (and wear sweaters!) year-round, plant-based yarns are perfect for warm-weather knitting. Plant-based yarns also boast a wide range of weights and textures, so it's easy to bring a new twist to your knits. If you want to make projects that are eco-friendly and animal-product free, you'll find what you're looking for here.

The Yarn Garden includes:

  • more than 30 beautiful patterns for garments and accessories for knitters and crocheters of all skill levels.
  • helpful information about plant-based yarns, including how they are manufactured and their characteristics.
  • everything you'll need to know to create and care for projects made with plant-based yarns and enjoy them throughout every season.

Pick up some needles and some plant-based yarns and find out how beautifully your yarn garden can grow.

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